Report water leaks with DrownDetector.

DrownDetector is a simple tool to help people take water companies to task for waterleaks on roads and pavements in their area.

A couple of weeks back I was out on my regular Sunday walks with my good friend. We walk about 12km through the Suffolk countryside with my two dogs, Buddy and Moose. It’s a regular thing we’ve been doing for months to get us away from screens, help our mental health and get some exercise.

One thing that we put the world to rights on was water companies. They’ve been in the news a lot recently for their monster profits and their eagerness to fill our waterways with raw sewage.

We’d both noticed that people were regularly reporting water leaks in Twitter but getting very little response (particularly from Anglian Water). What if there was a simple way to report a location, store it somewhere for others to see AND immediately alert the local water company of the issue.

Welcome, DrownDetector.

Over the space of a weekend, I built a simple service that:

  • Lets people submit a location using What3Words references
  • Auto tweet the water company based on the county returned by W3W
  • Store each location’s coordinates and show them on a Mapbox-powered map.

This is where you come in.

If you spot a water leak on the road or pavement near you. Go to The DrownDetector website and click the big green button. All you’ll need is the location of the leak from the What3Words app and whether the leak is on the pavement or road. DrownDetector takes care of the rest!

Testing, 1, 2

The service is still in testing at the moment, and some counties are not supported, but if people can start reporting leaks, I can improve the service, make sure the right water companies are getting notified and we start seeing real results in the form of repairs.

Think of it like Pokemon go, but without the points and water instead of monsters.

Happy hunting!

Who wrote these words?

This post - Report water leaks with DrownDetector. - was written by James Kindred, a freelance creative director and graphic designer based in Ipswich, Suffolk. He has 20 years of industry experience creating brands and creative strategies for clients and his own businesses.

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