Big ideas, community thinking.

It's time to stop thinking so far away.

Maybe I’m showing my age, or maybe I’m just re-thinking some of my priorities on what matters and where energy should be spent.

Whilst out on a regular Sunday walk with a friend, putting the world to rights, I came to the conclusion that too many people are caught up in dealing with (or getting attention from) things at a global level.

The curse of the internet, social media and rolling news is that it constantly clamours for more content, a bigger audience and a wider net to be cast.

500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute. (30,000 hours, per hour). But a global content firehose approach doesn’t tackle things at a local, community level.

It’s reaching a critical point where perhaps the sake of creating content is overriding the need for the content to have a true purpose - boiled down to some narrative that can help a community. Even Disney seem to been rushing through ‘content’ over a true narrative.

Who wrote these words?

This post - Big ideas, community thinking. - was written by James Kindred, a freelance creative director and graphic designer based in Ipswich, Suffolk. He has 20 years of industry experience creating brands and creative strategies for clients and his own businesses.

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